With collaboration and workflow tools Prophix helps functions outside the Office of Finance, streamline planning processes and integrate seamlessly with your existing G/L, ERP, and BI systems.

  • Revenue Planning

    Sales is the lifeblood of every company, but forecasts can change rapidly, so having the flexibility to create alternative scenarios quickly and efficiently is essential. Detailed Planning capabilities within Prophix, allows you to vary inputs and see changes to the bottom line immediately.

  • Project Planning

    Link your project plans to corporate plans and forecasts. Prophix allows you to collaborate across your organization and understand the potential outcomes of proposed initiatives, with a completely integrated project plan and financial plan from a single, unified software solution.

  • Profitability Analysis

    Improve sales and operational decision making. Prophix’s profitability analysis enables companies to feed their operational plans by evaluating key profitability measures such as profit margins, gross profit, operating profit, pretax profit, net profit, and profit and loss statements. Organizations can use past performance as a touchstone to accurately report and share the evaluation of profitability—what could be more important?

  • Personnel Planning

    Accurately track true employee costs. Prophix’s personnel planning software easily handles the many variables involved in payroll calculations, providing the control, accuracy, and flexibility required for analysis of personnel data. Integrate personnel data with the company’s main financial data to provide precise consolidated figures.

  • CapEx Planning

    Prophix’s software enables CapEx planning that integrates detailed capital asset costs into historical financial statements and investigates how capital expenditures impact your company’s performance.

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Witness The Evolution Of Corporate Performance Management

This demo details Prophix’s capabilities to illustrate how to automate all of the major financial processes using a single, unified solution.